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Technology & Deployment

Our wireless sensor network offers a surveillance solution that rapidly detects pathogens in air and sewage even before cases present in populations. Continuous and real-time data streaming, analysis and visualization allow community health officials to make critical life-saving decisions.

Innovative Sensors

Our system relies on two patented sensing technologies: the coupled acoustic wave micropillar (CAWM) sensor for wastewater detection, and the e-Nose sensor for air detection. Both sensors have a demonstrated high sensitivity and specificity for SARS-CoV-2 detection. The bioprobe array in the acoustic sensor can be custom-designed for new variants or any pathogen, and is attached to the sensor using an inexpensive replaceable sticker. New pathogen templates can be easily imprinted for the e-Nose sensor.

AI Driven Data Analytics

In the data cloud, sensor measurements are combined with other supporting data such as mobility, weather, health reports, and demographics. We use machine learning algorithms to identify emerging disease patterns or outbreaks. The results are reported back to community leaders, public health officials and other stake holders to inform health decisions or public health advisories.

Scalable Deployments

Our early warning disease surveillance system can be deployed in small, medium, and large community settings. Our initial application is for COVID-19 surveillance in five sites in the United States and in the Philippines (population scales from 5000 to 250,000). All sites are low-income communities that are hotspots of COVID-19. 

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